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Studied up on the material. Talked with teacher. Only did the first 1/3 of it all: teacher did the rest, as the job is a 3-person job in the first place, and I did do a stellar job on the stuff I did do. He asked me if I was considering going into teaching, because he thinks I have an aptitude for it: taking stuff I know forwards and backwards (or even just after reading once and doing twice) and demonstrating it for the class, making even my screwups part of the lesson.

It's a thought.

You know, that was my first career plan, when I was younger, to be a teacher, to share the things I knew with others. Sis said when I told her what Mr. Wright had said, that I was already: she wouldn't be getting through school so well without me to teach her in her own language what the teachers were teaching me.

I need to learn more languages. From where I am, Japanese and Spanish would be obvious places to begin.

I'm surprised, actually, that DeVry doesn't have language classes. Extracurricular, but still available.
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