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Tweets for 2008-11-18

In the last 24 hours, I posted the following to Twitter:
  • Tuesday, 0648: Armitage has a whole lot of fan service. Best friend commented upon the few times I did not point it out. More than he remembered, heh.
  • Tuesday, 0713: I had a greeeeeeaaaaat vgift idea. I am also evil.
  • Tuesday, 0724: Mi Amiga says that: "We need errors like 403.2 'Not Recommended' or 404.5 'Temporarily Misplaced'."
  • Tuesday, 0742: Error code 418.
  • Tuesday, 0744: @afuna Relationship advice: never under any circumstances violate RFC 2324 section 7! :-P
  • Tuesday, 0816: Better than Chuck Norris:
  • Tuesday, 1050: @afuna Well, you can still pull them up in gmail and draft responses!
  • Tuesday, 1125: Looks like some things at #livejournal are on their way back up; IRC is reporting some Jabber server connectivity.
  • Tuesday, 1127: @purpure I use #livejournal in preference to #lj because the latter is a little clogged and the former is drilled into me from spr0t.
  • Tuesday, 1128: though #livejournal proper still down. IRC spirits high and somewhat punchy.
  • Tuesday, 1139: @ursamajor Huh. Who'd'a thunk?
  • Tuesday, 1139: @lady_angelina Working hard on the Document For Tupshin! Maybe it'll get done today?
  • Tuesday, 1151: @lady_angelina It's now up to 41 kilobytes. Kind of intimidating.
  • Tuesday, 1157: #lj homepage coming back up
  • Tuesday, 1158: #lj My friends page is back. Be kind to the servers!
  • Tuesday, 1212: @ataniell93 No clue! I've been reporting the freshest #lj news I have live from IRC, where gathered are ops and bored employees & addicts.
  • Tuesday, 1244: @cassieclare OMG, wow. >_< Nice to see the real you here, though!
  • Tuesday, 1245: @cassandraclare Dude, not at all cool.
  • Tuesday, 1306: @cassieclare They seem to have edited. A Fandom Wank production?
  • Tuesday, 1346: is a fascinating resource.
  • Tuesday, 1610: @ataniell93 Memcache probably not caught up yet. :(

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