Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Magic may be afoot.

17:54 Que sera, sera. It's dangerous to leave something in progress like the blue checkered candles alone unresolved. Resolving: que sera, sera.

17:57 Two medallions of wax of them are cooling. Shared wax between them: equilibrium. Lit of the same flame. Got wax on my fingertip.

18:09 Dated the wax. (I can look it up by date in here when it archives.) Put the tiny one in the Serious Pendant's lid; the big one for files.

18:12 The green star box is now for archiving the wax.

20:44 Candles still burning away steadily. This may take some time. Had thought they'd gutter. Called in the meanwhile, chatted.

00:30 Candles both still barely glowing.

00:41 The shorter one went out.

00:41 ...and now the taller one.

00:44 A token of the mingled wax is cooling now.

00:45 Not quite sure why I made this, as I'd thought that the ones that I'd made at the outset would be enough, but I got the feeling to. So.


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