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Tweets for 2008-11-21

In the last 24 hours, I posted the following to Twitter:
  • Friday, 0031: @skramer No, that's 418.
  • Friday, 0130: I'm getting the flaming freakouts when someone pings me now. It's nerve-wracking. I wouldn't trade it though.
  • Friday, 0935: Note to self: next time making frozen ANYTHING, lean meat only. Ew.
  • Friday, 1033: @ataniell93 Perhaps part of the problem is Edward seeming *too* human; his Otherness as vampire not coming across well enough?
  • Friday, 1036: @ataniell93 Granted I have not read the books, but that can be a problem when writing aliens if it's not done just right.
  • Friday, 1052: Best friend's lab partner troubles are only now abated as lab is over. Here's hoping he does not get her again. She calls him the wrong name
  • Friday, 1224: @afuna Ha, a randomly generated password for 1-time use in 2003 with a survey place I don't do surveys with anymore: afunaw5
  • Friday, 1403: turbaconducken, wtf?
  • Friday, 1412: @nudaydreamer #lj_s is lively and full of entertainment, and also bacon,, and avoiding the TMI-aches.
  • Friday, 1450: I have a thing that has a whole ton of glitterliciousness in it. Too bad that I did not discover this before the Twilight release party.
  • Friday, 1534: Actually there is Twilight stuff going on tonight. Hm. *eyes glitter*
  • Friday, 1640: I'm bored. Also, zip drive not giving back my COBOL disk. I call ... something. But probably not my best friend.
  • Friday, 1648: @nudaydreamer hugs & chocolate
  • Friday, 1659: @gameboyguy13 Talk to Myrrhianna and Elyssa about that.
  • Friday, 1742: Crocheting a holder for the mobile phone based on the same principles I used for Barbie dresses back in the day. It'll be interesting!
  • Friday, 1959: A general-American warn-for-spice is my 'mildly warm and interesting'. My tastebuds have evolved since I was 10.
  • Friday, 2209: I'm pretty happy with my cellphone sock. It has a little window for the clock!
  • Friday, 2213: 89 in queue is livable; I can tag all up and go on a rejection spree tomorrow. AND PACK MOAR.

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