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Tweets for 2008-11-22

In the last 24 hours, I posted the following to Twitter:
  • Saturday, 0810: @afuna US definition of polo shirt: a knit fabric, mostly a pullover but a few buttons at the top, short sleeves, collar.
  • Saturday, 1228: @afuna If it's cold enough, anything will freeze. Alaskan men have suffered with snotsicles in their mustaches for years.
  • Saturday, 1337: @ursamajor I'm full from lunch!
  • Saturday, 1352: Woah, what happened to #LJ? (someone's emailing ops)
  • Saturday, 1359: @emptybackpack It's not just you! #LJ is downcakes! Tupshin is cursing in channel and all is well.
  • Saturday, 1401: @fireflysays No idea what, but Tupshin is on it, so all shall be well.
  • Saturday, 1406: #LJ Ops are investigating; has been updated.
  • Saturday, 1408: #lj Are we back up? Looks like stuff is becoming reachable again.
  • Saturday, 1419: @emptybackpack @fireflysays You're welcome. I am an infojunkie, and not everyone can be in IRC!
  • Saturday, 1719: IRC is a very educational place. I already knew about fisting, but I didn't know "duck typing":
  • Saturday, 1917: ... so I'm rimming my coffee cup.
  • Saturday, 1937: @marcelle42 It is one of those with the open-topped dome, and there was whipped cream around the edge. So I licked it off. Then realized.
  • Saturday, 2004: @seldonfound just put the blinkyball from the Infamous Hairy Ball Sack in his mouth.
  • Saturday, 2005: star sticker pasties. I have brought the Bag of Frickin Sparkly. All the sparkly is being spread around. SO MUCH LOVE.
  • Saturday, 2007: - PictureMail
  • Saturday, 2007: - PictureMail
  • Saturday, 2010: Previous twitpics are @seldonfound with an eyeball in his mouth, and our ML holding stars over her tits. FTW.
  • Saturday, 2011: @gameboyguy13 I have gathered many jars of glitter, many stickers, and many little glass pebbles over the years. These, at write-in FTW.
  • Saturday, 2016: out of context theatre: "It's creepy! put it away! ... Mine is shorter!"
  • Saturday, 2041: song of the moment in the Xtreme Bean: "Zombie" (this song will always remind me of my best friend)
  • Saturday, 2112: "There are no Smarties in my pants." --ML
  • Saturday, 2114: DeafBoy drooled on his laptop, after we were making disparaging remarks about our ML's pants (or lack thereof).
  • Saturday, 2116: @seldonfound Are you talking a wedding between @SnottNormal and "Strokin'" or a wedding between him and another human or a goat or whatever?
  • Saturday, 2130: Asshander: "My new sexual euphemism is going to be 'switch your box'." @seldonfound "They can have root on your box!"
  • Saturday, 2136: "Stab him through the knife with your heart" -- me, about That Dude and sexual innuendo
  • Saturday, 2146: "I have a bag of lotion in my purse." -- ML
  • Saturday, 2149: @gameboyguy13 That was sort of the point. BTW, you're meeting the NaNo people when you show up. <3
  • Saturday, 2154: Did not assassinate. I am proud of myself.
  • Saturday, 2202: Plot point for later: elder gods coming out of the toilet.
  • Saturday, 2206: @marcelle42 maybe in this case it was 'did not stab asshat through face'. like I said in IRC, not a fan.
  • Saturday, 2322: the summary that I must read later: *sparkle*
  • Saturday, 2336: @ataniell93 It was intended to sound filthy. :D

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