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In which Demon Mirror and A Howling in the Factory Yard cross over, AIM-ficbits

[05:37] synecdochic: (*snort* I love how it's all about the *sloppy work*)
[05:37] AzureLunatic: he's ... professional!
[05:37] synecdochic: yes!
[05:37] synecdochic: (he and JD would probably get along quite well)
[05:37] AzureLunatic: YES
[05:38] AzureLunatic: (he and Ba'al would get along *better*.)
[05:38] synecdochic: hee hee *hee*
[05:39] AzureLunatic: (He and Delta are BFF in an alternate universe. they do coffee once a month.)
[05:40] AzureLunatic: (that's really about all they can stand to see each other, but for two kindred spirits like that, it's BFF.)
[05:40] AzureLunatic: (They get along because they have separate territories.)
[05:40] synecdochic: *snort* yes.
[05:42] AzureLunatic: (They compare notes and critique each other's work. Delta is surprised that Nick has still never slept with Mary. Nick is kind of appalled that Delta did sleep with JD.)
[05:42] synecdochic: *snort*
[05:42] synecdochic: oh god i'd pay to see one of those conversations
[05:43] AzureLunatic: (they talk at the coffee shop that JD was so fond of, because it's become one of Delta's favorite hangouts, even though he would never admit to sentiment.)
[05:43] AzureLunatic: (he knows without speaking of it that Nick totally understands.)
[05:43] synecdochic: (never ever)
[05:43] AzureLunatic: (ever ever)
[05:44] AzureLunatic: (the operative in that shop, who has not dared to quit as the shop is still under observation, is the fly on the wall.)
[05:45] AzureLunatic: (the operative has twigged that Delta is ... not quite right.)
[05:45] AzureLunatic: (the operative has taken one look at Nick and decided to re-evaluate this 'employment at a coffee shop' gig, because dude is seriously NOT right.)
[05:46] synecdochic: (seriously not right)
[05:46] AzureLunatic: (the operative is also the only one who will bus their table. Everyone else is TOO FREAKED OUT by the collective effect in that corner. )
[05:47] synecdochic: (*snort* well, yes. *snake*.)
[05:47] AzureLunatic: (they always have the corner to themselves. Delta takes it as his right. Nick knows exactly why they have it to themselves, and is amused by it, and not about to say anything.)
[05:47] synecdochic: (smart man)
[05:47] synecdochic: You should *so* write Delta in as a cameo.
[05:47] AzureLunatic: (Nick can pass. Delta has a hard time, still.)
[05:47] synecdochic: (yes)
[05:47] AzureLunatic: ahahahahaaha
[05:47] synecdochic: (no matter how hard he tries)
[05:48] AzureLunatic: yes, Delta is one of Bozo's backers.
[05:48] synecdochic: After all, if he's interfering with the Higher Planes, it's not like he's breaking his deal with JD ....
[05:48] synecdochic: (JD only specified *this* plane of existence, after all.)
[05:49] AzureLunatic: one of his investments that didn't work out so well -- little game company, a delightfully amoral little hackerboy, and he does have a legitimate business need for computer techs...
[05:49] synecdochic: yes!
[05:50] AzureLunatic: ... Hackerboy had the right morals, the right results, but wasn't bright enough, and really really didn't react well to SNAKE.
[05:50] synecdochic: OMG SNAKE, etc
[05:51] AzureLunatic: so Delta decided that no, this one wasn't worth the trouble, but hey, business is business, so he didn't back out of the deal, bought into the little hackerboy's little business
[05:52] AzureLunatic: and then the hackerboy ran into some trouble, and wound up missing 80% of his mind in a hospital. Delta flew down, because this was Interesting and Not Normal, and noticed that a Lower Plane had been messing with His Property.
[05:54] AzureLunatic: Like recognizing like after all, he decides to strike a bit of a deal, do them a favor, and sure, he'll throw in for a gaming con, have one or two of his minions help out with organization...
[05:54] AzureLunatic: ... after it all goes south, he comes to the conclusion that it was a bad investment, but luckily he didn't get caught up in it -- wasn't like he had any personal investment, just money.
[05:56] AzureLunatic: he's making arrangements for the shreds of the business that remain after a) the sudden incapacitance of the owner, and b) the utter rout that was the con that was going to revive the company, and he notices DEMON, which is something he'd gotten used to after the first round.
[05:56] AzureLunatic: he and Nick suss each other out
[05:56] AzureLunatic: do the I Am Evil male posturing dance
[05:57] AzureLunatic: figure out that Nick is fine so long as he stays the fuck out of demon territory, Phoenix, and especially away from that woman; Nick figures out that JD and Seattle are both off-limits
[05:58] AzureLunatic: they decide that they might as well meet up for coffee now that they have the formalities out of the way, and even though Nick is not supposed to *operate* in Seattle, he can still *visit* so long as he doesn't interfere
[05:59] AzureLunatic: Nick doesn't mind not being able to interfere in Seattle. It's peaceful, he can take a break, and write it off as contractual obligation for the treaty that resulted after that shipment, you know, the one that returned X million joules of energy BACK, a winnar is me, etc?
[06:00] AzureLunatic: and of course to maintain the treaty he has to visit now and then
[06:00] AzureLunatic: (and take a load off and bitch about the demoning business and have coffee)
[06:00] AzureLunatic: (which is, ok, it's good, but not a patch on the coffee that Nick himself makes)
[06:01] AzureLunatic: (every now and then Nick brings some Hellroast beans for Delta)
[06:01] AzureLunatic: (they are fiendishly excellent, smooth and just an exciting little bite of spice, although they always leave you feeling like if you had another cup, you would totally be able to pin down what it was all about)

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