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10k later...


Life has been insane, but I got a lot of work done suggestions-wise, and Monday and Tuesday will be for some happy suggestions goodness.

I am also insane, and am madly something-or-other, but the sheer heartstopping over the Document has slowed to a mere flutter every now and then.

I went to the Xtreme Bean Overnight Write-In, but stopped short of the full 12 hours. There was much insanity, and I got a lot of writing done.

Later, I went to the Sunday NaNo meetup. There was less insanity, and I got more writing done. Plot happened.

After I came home, I got more writing done. When my brain went dry, I called my best friend. His parents have descended upon him, and there is no peace within the land. We giggled over a bunch of stuff. We plotted some too. Dawn is coming through Phoenix for Thanksgiving, and we are determined to see her. JD is showing up on Tuesday. Interesting Times shall be had! I would like to introduce JD to the best friend, just on general principle. The best friend was surprised that I do not mention JD more. I should point out to said best friend, how much do I actually mention my biological sister?

synecdochic has taken a shine to both Nick and Mary, and is getting regular bits and pieces pasted at her in AIM. (If my best friend had an IM handle that he was a: on, and b: shared with me, I would totally do the same at him, and bizarreness would result.) I hit 10k in this particular 24 hour period late this evening, but kept on going for another 500 or so words before I ran out of steam. I'm going to see if I can't get 10k tomorrow, and then Tuesday, or something like that, so then I'll have hit my 50k.

I also have packing and pimping to concern myself with, which have both been happening, just not as intensely as I would like. Time to step those up as well.

I think it's probably bedtime now.

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