Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Et cetera.

victory or death! yes we can! -- analysis of FCC transition co-chair's WoW character.

Also, I am a bad person. A bad, bad person. MS Paint and I got together, and now parts of the world mostly seen in #lj_s can enjoy the thought and/or sight of Santa Tupshin in a kilt, both with and without James Brown Boobies.

I was not good for much of anything today after yesterday's writing marathon, but I did get some boxes packed, get some suggestions seen to, get some board touches, and get in the 1600 range for words. I also read enough to reset my brain.

#lj_s is going to be cursing at me (more than they have been already), because is addictive. I blame tygerr.

I have some half-formed thoughts on Behavior on the Internet that were bubbling in the shower, but those can wait until I'm coherent.

Userpic is in honor of the colors, not due to actual alcohol content of the Lunatic.

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