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I have "gay boyfriend" stuck in my head.

How is it that I have never heard of this artist before? However, El Reg has cured this disturbing lack of knowledge. (NSFW; he paints using as his brush what you think he might based on the name.) -- Barney theme & Barry Manilow for noise offenders

We have acquired jai_dit from the airport. He is now installed on the couch.

The intermittent pages-on-lj-not-loading thing is really getting old, and it causes me woe. I know it has got to be causing Ops far more woe, because this is only my addiction; it's their job (and some of them, probably their addiction as well).

The delayed notification emails seem to be one of those purely technological cascading woebuckets that is no one's individual fault (much) but nevertheless causes buckets and buckets and buckets of woe. And, like most technological cascading woebuckets, it is best explained in dialog format.

[Edit 2008 11 26: now including information from here on the downtime suckage!]

LJ: BRB, moving servers to Montana!
6A Ops: Take good care of my baby!!
LJ: BTW, changing IP addresses, k guys? ♥
All 3 people pointing their domains to their LJs: K!
Yahoo, AOL: K!
LJ: *goes down*
LJ Addicts: *were prepared for this*
Twitter, IJ, and GJ: *cave under the load*
LJ Addicts: NOOOOO!
LJ: *comes back up*
LJ Addicts: Yaaaay!
LJ: *slowly*
LJ Addicts: Nooo!
LJ Support: It's memcache, people. Chill while the cache fills up.
LJ Users: *comment away merrily*
LJ email servers: *send out comment notifications merrily*
Almost every other email server in the world: Who the frak are these spammers in Montana? *bancakes*
AOL Users: Eww, my ex is commenting to me. *spamflag*
AOL Admins: Gee, our users are sending in a lot of spam reports about this IP. *bancakes*
LJ Admins: Guys? Hey, guys? *headdesk*
LJ Users Not Getting Notification Emails: WTF?!
LJ Support: Srsly.
Most Email Server Admins: Oh, it's you guys, you're cool. Hey, why didn't you tell us you were moving to Montana?
Hotmail: Yeah, you can send us mail ... two messages at a time.
LJ Admins: WTF!!
Notification Emails to Hotmail Addresses: Are we there yet?
LJ Email Server: Siddown, shaddup, you'll get sent as soon as they say we can send you.
Notification Emails to Everywhere Else: Are we there yet?
LJ Email Server: You, settle down, back of the line like you belong. You'll get there in the right order or no one gets there!
Notification Emails: *stack up while everyone is waiting for Hotmail notifications to get sent*
LJ Admins: O HELL NO. *dequeue Hotmail notifications*
Hotmail: We swear we'll let you send email to us ... sometime within the next 24 hours. (Maybe.)
LJ Email Server: *sends at a normal rate*
Notification Emails: Sorry. Traffic jam.
LJ Addicts Using Hotmail: *go into withdrawal*
LJ Notification Queue: *overloads again*
LJ Admins: *bang on queue to try and fix*
LJ: *doesn't like that much* *dies*
LJ Admins: *%#$@!!
LJ Addicts: %#&*@!!
LJ Support: *starts the Thanksgiving drinking early*

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