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1365 tweets for 2008-11-27

In the last 24 hours, I posted the following to Twitter:
  • Wednesday, 0036: We have a JD.
  • Wednesday, 0128: @ataniell93 It seems to be doing it as often and fast as a working girl in the Tenderloin.
  • Wednesday, 0153: #lj status page updated, says it's DB problems. Woe. When up, summarized email woes:
  • Wednesday, 0231: @omnivorously I thought of you.
  • Wednesday, 0748: RAIN.
  • Wednesday, 0750: @mamajoan Grown-ups know *everything*!
  • Wednesday, 1402: - PictureMail
  • Wednesday, 1946: - PictureMail
  • Wednesday, 2238: @irohawk No clue how the yarn got knotted. The boy is @gameboyguy13 (JD). The yarn belongs to kilarneyblarney.
  • Wednesday, 2357: Stuff in India sounds horribly scary. Stay safe. <3
  • Thursday, 0015: Drunken Revelations: weird guessing games about relationship stuff = dealbreaker.
  • Thursday, 0032: I have had like 2/3 of a drink and I am WASTED.
  • Thursday, 0033: @semanticist Did LJ fail make your script fail too?

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