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14 tweets for 2008-11-27

In the last 24 hours, I posted the following to Twitter:
  • Wednesday, 2357: Stuff in India sounds horribly scary. Stay safe. <3
  • Thursday, 0015: Drunken Revelations: weird guessing games about relationship stuff = dealbreaker.
  • Thursday, 0032: I have had like 2/3 of a drink and I am WASTED.
  • Thursday, 0033: @semanticist Did LJ fail make your script fail too?
  • Thursday, 0146: @SirGimpOfBaath It has cranberry! And vondkas! AND IT HAS THE RAIN OUTSIDE!!!
  • Thursday, 0257: @SirGimpOfBaath I'm a lot more sober now! I'm now reading 10 year old fanfic and dying laughing. Best entertainment ever.
  • Thursday, 0313: @SirGimpOfBaath Woes caused by bad spelling, evil grammar, OOC behavior, purple prose, and bad plotting?
  • Thursday, 1108: Hahahaha what.
  • Thursday, 1508: Watched some Full Metal Panic, then Arrested Development, and now Ouran High School Host Club. Reading Good Omens again.
  • Thursday, 1603: Suggested movie "Bigger on the Inside" but there is a 2 drink minimum for porn. Mall Rats instead.
  • Thursday, 1630: - PictureMail
  • Thursday, 2157: @irohawk He sure is! He lost his balls and then could not be arsed to do anything.
  • Thursday, 2304: Stargate at MIT:
  • Thursday, 2305: @SirGimpOfBaath Connecting factor: my weird household! :D

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