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8 tweets for 2008-11-28

In the last 24 hours, I posted the following to Twitter:
  • Friday, 0256: @semanticist I have discovered some pretty entertaining split ends myself.
  • Friday, 1017: If anyone opens the box marked "Do Not Open. Really." -- well, they were warned, weren't they?
  • Friday, 1046: @matgb THE CEO OF SUP SAW MY POST. OMG.
  • Friday, 1232: @tangowildheart I have no idea if she saw the To Management one, but she certainly saw the Intro to LJ for n00bs one.
  • Friday, 1810: @ Shuttleslayer's
  • Friday, 1816: I'm at East Mesa -
  • Friday, 1928: JD and Shuttleslayer now bonding over King of Fighters. Dinner was great fun; geek server FTW. Taking notes. And I was worried about my room hahaha.
  • Friday, 2210: - PictureMail

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