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Turn geek to YES

Prior to the late lunch plans, I wandered out to get Vash washed and vacuumed, because he was due it. Yay, vacuuming. I found a lost lip gloss, although I have no idea what condition it will be in due to melty melty.

Schedule realities being what they are, it did not work to get everybody together for lunch at the same time. That was all right.

JD and I drove out to Mesa to collect my best friend. We negotiated, prior, the who-sits-where issue. JD is little brother and guest. Darkside is best friend++. Guest ordinarily would trump friend, however, best++ trumps little brother.

I was completely incoherent when Darkside's parents made routine inquiries of me, of the sort that you make to one's only son's female best friend of 8+ years. See, when a random LJ employee in Russia was looking through /friendsfriends last night, one thing led to another, and pretty soon the CEO of SUP (!) was making inquiries about the documentation in question. No clue what is going to happen next, nor when, but just being noticed is amazing to me. While my presence in that employee's /friendsfriends is of course due to the people who know me, my writing getting noticed in this way is entirely due to its own merits. I had called Dad earlier, and Dad had some insights and ideas for career-type moves related to what it is that I actually do. (He mentions that I understand things from their principles, rather than only according to their documentation. I also understand or work to understand the underlying need of questions or feature requests (supportmindread), which he taught me by example. He hadn't been aware that he did this, when I mentioned it. I also remember things and track related items in connection to their role in the larger scheme of things. Together this gives me the talent I have.) I will therefore send a copy of said essay to best friend's parents, even though I doubt that it will be useful to them.

JD headed for the back seat as we were headed for the car. This caused Darkside to question him, as shouldn't the guest be getting to ride shotgun? JD did not have a quick answer for this inquiry. We headed off. This is the first time I have ever driven Darkside anywhere but crazy. Previously when riding together he has been driving, or someone else has. He's been teasingly paranoid about my driving skills ever since learning that I was loose on the roads, mostly because he wasn't used to the concept. I also know how his dad drives. This led to me being more self-conscious than usual, although I am a very decent driver, and was on my absolute best behavior on the road.

Advised Darkside of that game I play with myself about counting cops on the way home. There are usually about 4.

Darkside and JD started cheerfully bonding over video games and bad, bad puns. JD got to see for himself exactly how much worse my natural tendency to pun becomes in the presence of my dear best friend. We started on bad database puns and were still punting them around several miles later.

Dawn and her husband were still on their way when we arrived at the pub in question. No matter; we got drinks and started giggling with our server, and geeking commenced hardcore, as he was also geek. JD's habit of dropping salsa in people's water was mentioned, apropos the salsa and chips. The Anvil Incident came up. Eventually, Dawn and husband showed up, and a hilarious time was had by all, including the server. I made the introductions. Darkside and Dawn know JD as "the guy who hugged AK-47 Guy". We started a List of Things Darkside is Not Allowed To Do In Game. Twilight came up. It went down again. There was a whole bunch of fun. Dawn and her husband had to leave once the car shop called.

A nearby table mentioned puppycam. The internet has arrived! They also mentioned nipple hair at complete random, so that disrupted JD and me. Darkside did not notice that bit.

Dawn made with much of the hugs. We will have to get all together again. I miss her so much. I will miss Darkside so much.

The boys were still giggling on the drive back, so I inquired whether we would be stopping at our place to play games. However, the games that JD had brought were not deemed sufficient by Darkside, so we continued to his place. We then were invited in, and gaming commenced, which was complicated by Darkside's ancient PS2 and his lack of multiple controllers for certain other systems. His room was clearly not expecting visitors, which his mother twitted him about a bit. Darkside pretty much cannot succeed a stealth roll in front of me, because when he tries to act sneaky I notice what he's doing automatically, thus I caught him quickly and quietly putting away stray (clean) underpants (judging from the color and destination). I did get a lot of plotting in while the boys played. Then he showed us the plotty cut-scenes from Devil May Cry 4.

That made it pretty late. JD was not horribly tired, and I was still very, very wired, so we went for a bit of a drive and chatted about stuff. And now we're home.

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