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The language of love!

If I start any sentence addressed to my best friend with an endearment, I am about ready to smack him with something. (The sentence may be edited for content, specifically, to remove the endearment, before I actually say it.) "I love you..." as the start to what I am saying is particularly dangerous. This can be actual anger, but is far more likely to have been triggered by a really bad pun.

Unless that endearment is "beloved", or "my dear best friend", which means that I have just been reminded of how very much I do love him.

"Moose" and "bee vomit" are both used for my best friend, because he is neither my "dear" nor my "honey".

"Honey" or "Oh, honey", means that I am very, very sorry for you, and it is entirely possibly your own fault. (People who have just screwed up their DNS beyond easy repair get this, and that's their fault. People who have leukemia get this, and it is totally not their fault.)

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