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8 tweets for 2008-12-2

In the last 24 hours, I posted the following to Twitter:
  • Monday, 2359: @rickybuchanan Congratulations on the interview! (rt: accessibility for bedridden/housebound:
  • Tuesday, 0222: In the Lexicon of Me, "Darling..." at the beginning of what I'm saying means that I'm'a hurt you. "Honey" means "you fail". (Mostly.)
  • Tuesday, 1634: Anime we watched that one time: Ergo Proxy. Good stuff!
  • Tuesday, 1652: @rickybuchanan I have Skype set up now.
  • Tuesday, 1818: Fortune: "Your ideals are well within your reach."
  • Tuesday, 1943: Concept from Leora: books that are dangerous because they are full of inaccuracies, but that are very close to correct.
  • Tuesday, 2013: Hooray for hot chocolate.
  • Tuesday, 2121: And Skype will probably ring when I have my mouth full of chocolate.

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