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23 tweets for 2008-12-3

In the last 24 hours, I posted the following to Twitter:
  • Wednesday, 0001: Apparently IRC now has madmen shooting pretend penis guns at people.
  • Wednesday, 0133: @asciident There's been less fisting lately, more cocks. Not sure why.
  • Wednesday, 0151: @asciident His presence in lj_s has indeed been diminished since the 6A / LJinc split, coinciding with the decrease of fisting.
  • Wednesday, 0210: Vascular surgeon performs unfamiliar operation via txt instructions from expert partner:
  • Wednesday, 0248: Video takes a while to get to the point, but is concise once it gets there:
  • Wednesday, 0253: Crashiecrashie time!
  • Wednesday, 0917: I'd say she was pretty successful. (SWAT team kills suicidal woman)
  • Wednesday, 1314: ... what have I started. WHAT. ( is what.)
  • Wednesday, 1454: Hair is now untangled, 20 minutes later. A married woman puts hers up PARTLY BECAUSE IT IS SO LONG.
  • Wednesday, 1455: @irohawk Rich Text Editor, one of the current banes of support. One of the devs is heterosexual & likes boobs.
  • Wednesday, 1456: @popefelix You might know it better as FCKed.
  • Wednesday, 1511: @tangowildheart It has already!
  • Wednesday, 1622: @tangowildheart What Ryan said.
  • Wednesday, 1644: @tangowildheart @teshiron.
  • Wednesday, 1757: I'm at Phoenix -
  • Wednesday, 1758: A little more busy than usual for a Wednesday night given that most of the writers aren't here yet. - Phoenix, , , -
  • Wednesday, 1833: To-Do: a massive Warnings And Bannings post, for tracking purposes. Will require about 6-10 hours rough guess.
  • Wednesday, 1906: So I notice someone struggling with work1's website, and wind up giving a lecture on domain account change. This after I resigned.
  • Wednesday, 1912: @irohawk What does that make you?
  • Wednesday, 2141: - PictureMail
  • Wednesday, 2306: I'm at Phoenix -
  • Wednesday, 2306: I'm at Chandler -
  • Wednesday, 2309: - The amazing floating teapot was skating across the table.

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