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8 tweets for 2008-12-4

In the last 24 hours, I posted the following to Twitter:
  • Thursday, 0039: @mayerman CONGRATULATIONS!!
  • Thursday, 0044: via onyxrising: worm wine!
  • Thursday, 0408: Yay headache.
  • Thursday, 0426: Cannot read fluffy H/D like this. MSR (XRA, to be specific) is the prescription.
  • Thursday, 1215: When I said "So metaphysics is pretending to be purple tables?" IT MADE SENSE IN MY HEAD, DAMMIT.
  • Thursday, 1438: @mayerman
  • Thursday, 1841: Yep, #lj code release broke some style stuff. Seems to be tag view on S2 Smooth Sailing, goodness knows what else. Sit tight, Tupshin knows
  • Thursday, 2139: #lj They may have stomped it! If your style was broken, check it.

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