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12 tweets for 2008-12-7

In the last 24 hours, I posted the following to Twitter:
  • Sunday, 0030: @gameboyguy13 Caffeine mellows out some people who are ADHD.
  • Sunday, 0102: "arrogant experts" -- I love that phrasing.
  • Sunday, 0221: Putting books in boxes. Once I get there I'll be fine. Now, though ... waiting for my Monday. Or whatever day it is. Stupid finals.
  • Sunday, 1111: Best friend going straight to Tucson on 15th, making time for me tomorrow. Expect to be weepy mess. He will not be surprised at that.
  • Sunday, 1223: Evidently sillyface has relaxed his stance on cellphones vs. cars. I certainly hope he has a headset, otherwise I'm going to smack him one.
  • Sunday, 1652: Another box of books taped shut, two Acorna books culled from the collection. I am developing a Bunch of Stuff to pass around or donate.
  • Sunday, 2019: @malerin I am not responsible for the consequences if you come into IRC drunk to snark Twilight. :D
  • Sunday, 2102: With a budget of Not Damn Much, time of less than 24 hours, what do you get as a goodbye, remember me token for best friend in universe?
  • Sunday, 2125: I need more icons.
  • Sunday, 2206: Photo collage time. I have a nice frame that doesn't have anything in it right now. The GIMP is my friend, and it's been a great 8 years.
  • Sunday, 2326: Photo collage done. I seem to recall that some of the standard quick photo printing places restart their machines around this time though.
  • Sunday, 2331: My eyes ache now.

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