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19 tweets for 2008-12-8

In the last 24 hours, I posted the following to Twitter:
  • Monday, 0106: Meetup plotted with @emptybackpack, hooray!
  • Monday, 0227: Over my shoulder a piano falls crashing to the ground. I'm breaking through, I'm bending spoons
  • Monday, 0353: Trying to sleep. I keep thinking. Not sure if I will wake with headache. Watering pot.
  • Monday, 0356: ...Yes, I am texting Twitter from bed with the computer right there but this way I might sleep.
  • Monday, 0414: This 4am, this letter. I have not felt this brand of misery since 1996. At least we are free agents. He is not Shawn
  • Monday, 0425: @afuna she accidentally the whole folder?
  • Monday, 0432: (aluminum tastes like fear; adrenalin pulls us near)
  • Monday, 0901: And the day begins!
  • Monday, 1022: @710 e camelback ave phoenix az
  • Monday, 1022: I'm at Phoenix -
  • Monday, 1025: Gay Denny's, here I am. Waiting for @emptybackpack.
  • Monday, 1027: I'm at Phoenix -
  • Monday, 1048: @emptybackpack Super Collapse, and it may be found at Yahoo games
  • Monday, 1217: Gordon Korman
  • Monday, 1243: - PictureMail
  • Monday, 1350: I'm at Chandler -
  • Monday, 1745: New battle: Mike's fridge. Shuttleslayer's mom is home. Expired salad dressings. Dissolved in giggles.
  • Monday, 2111: So I missed some LJ-down?
  • Monday, 2209:

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