Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

We can never say "goodbye" right the first time.

We've had this problem since we met. We can't say goodbye. One or the other of us will say one last thing -- and then it stretches, and then we have to say goodbye again, until finally we actually do say goodbye for real.

Today was boxes, and more boxes, but mostly getting my desk moved out of my room and into the living room, for it will now be myrrhianna's desk! And it was also moving my big cube bookshelf out into the living room, for it will now be hcolleen's bookshelf! The movers come at 8-something Wednesday, you see.

But in order to get the desk out, I wanted the path clear, which meant getting the big cube bookshelf clear of the door. Getting the big cube bookshelf clear of the door meant getting the stuff out of it, and the smaller cube bookshelf off from on top of it. Getting that off of course involved getting its stuff out.

When all was said and done, it was almost 7:30 pm by the time we finished that. In the assorted meanderings, I had come across two hats that I hardly ever wore, and some books, and was seized by a cheerful inspiration. Off to Mesa I went, hats in hand! I was sticky and all over dust, but I really didn't care.

I don't think he was surprised. I couldn't really come in, and I was interrupting their evening, and his mother hadn't made the cookies yet, but she'd made a small batch of the spiced wine that she makes, and gave that to me. I gave her a big hug. She told me it was OK to cry on her shoulder. I didn't wind up doing that. She interrogated him about my address, and whether or not he had it. (He did. It's stuck to the monitor on a stickynote, in my handwriting.) I expect that they'll wind up on my doorstep sometime tomorrow, because she said that they would.

This means, I suppose, that my doorstep had better be ready for people to show up on. (This will be the first time he's come here, as I'm leaving.)

We really suck at saying goodbye. (This time, I left with a smile, and felt warm all the way home. Not much is going to change. We're just going to have to space out the movie-days a little more.)

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