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20 tweets for 2008-12-10

In the last 24 hours, I posted the following to Twitter:
  • Tuesday, 2358: @mayerman Sometimes it makes me feel like that too, but I've gotten to know them and know who to shrug off. It's worse when you don't.
  • Wednesday, 0438: Beads all over the floor.
  • Wednesday, 0817: So Illinois has an arrested governor, much to Chicago's schadenfreude:
  • Wednesday, 0903: - PictureMail
  • Wednesday, 0905: Vash has a flat. Notice the nice movers helping with the spare.
  • Wednesday, 1017: @afuna It is the Black Hat and his evil girlfriend!
  • Wednesday, 1111: Skippy's List comments lead to finding the Shoe-Banging Incident:
  • Wednesday, 1114: Light bulb in my room blew. Tall ceiling. Woe. Window curtain pulled aside for light. Dog on sidewalk has too many balls to be w/o leash.
  • Wednesday, 1117: Nuts are the new communism:
  • Wednesday, 1215: The phrase "go fly a kite" now has an increased layer of meaning thanks to Jackass, via IRC. <3
  • Wednesday, 1216: @jephjacques Only 3 days? You're lucky. (LJ volunteer here. OMG profile.)
  • Wednesday, 1218: @tangowildheart Mary Poppins cannot be corrupted. However, requests for the spellchecker to go fly a kite are enriched.
  • Wednesday, 1237: When I read the characters & l t ; out loud in my head, it sounds like: "and, ell, tee, *tch*" -- the sound of my pinky hitting the ; key.
  • Wednesday, 1239: Had ... breakfast. Now, nap. After that, tire shop. Also, preparing for the cookie raid. Also also, writers group.
  • Wednesday, 1610: No cookie raid planned. He has the finals schedule from frickin' hell. Poor dear. <3
  • Wednesday, 1855: @emptybackpack Remember the boards! ;)
  • Wednesday, 2121: I'm at Phoenix -
  • Wednesday, 2123: New server from Florida. He is awesome. - Phoenix, , , -
  • Wednesday, 2301: I'm at Chandler -
  • Wednesday, 2349: Tomorrow may be a very long day indeed.

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