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16 tweets for 2008-12-11

In the last 24 hours, I posted the following to Twitter:
  • Wednesday, 2355: Phrase of the night "She can't wheat."
  • Thursday, 0225: @emptybackpack Woo!
  • Thursday, 0340: Should not be up at this hour, but I woke up and soon I'll be back in bed.
  • Thursday, 1231: - PictureMail
  • Thursday, 1248: I'm at Phoenix West Mobile Home Park -
  • Thursday, 1252: I'm at Phoenix West Mobile Home Park -
  • Thursday, 1256: Getting tire fixed. They improved the waiting area since I was last here. TV is blessedly off. - Phoenix West Mobile Home Park, , , - ...
  • Thursday, 1420: Re-reading the Amber saga.
  • Thursday, 1622: I'm at Chandler -
  • Thursday, 1647: - Our nemesis, the sign, has been brought down!
  • Thursday, 1730: Whedon interview on Crochet Me:
  • Thursday, 2042: I have a headache. I also have a lot of boxes.
  • Thursday, 2046: @ataniell93 It also doesn't help matters that BrightKite obfuscates the actual location when it's not set to public and not on bk flist.
  • Thursday, 2257: OK, 2 boxes in car. They were 2 of the big ones, though, and books, so. Also, cats trying to come in. WTF, cats. Mr. Bigfoot is one.
  • Thursday, 2308: OK, wow, maybe my car holds more than I thought it did.
  • Thursday, 2352: Box of Binders is into the car. Yay.

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