Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

And then the internet meets up.

Attending: sithjawa, ziqueenmab, willskyfall, azurelunatic.

"Stop the internet! I'm getting off!" (internet safeword) (how the network key is not in fact the internet safeword)
"Badger pizza."
"It's like an internet crisis. We are out of pr0n." "Masturbatoriums across the country are grinding to a halt due to the lack of pr0n."
Auto-bukkake: a bunch of guys who get themselves in the face.

"There's a laptop right there."
"Are you going to lick it?"
"Probably not."

"Penny for your cleavage!" (humiliation and pain: kinky) "So pennies are kinky!"
"What isn't when thrown at people?"

Charlie Brown BDSM: (a burning utility pole in your area. "How utility is your pole?" "Burning? You should see a doctor for that.")

"Can you see the internet from here?"
"I can see the internet from my house!"
"Can you still see it?"
"OK, let me fuck it. ... Fucking number 1 ... " "Why don't you quality time the cablemodem a little bit."
"They're sticking together!"
"They have little ... special holes for sticking together."

"...unattended blood ..."
"So all you'd have to do is ... have people not pay attention to your blood."
"But then that would prove weird things about monkeys."
"Yes, as far as quantum goes, more than a cat."
"Can you put a monkey in a box?"
"No, you'd use a barrel."
"But it's a barrel full of monkeys!"
"But one monkey, if the barrel is closed, could theoretically be occupying any and all space in the barrel."

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