Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Hmm, we must've taken a wrong fork a few miles back.

250K 1:20
“I'm taking a little bit of an inadvertent detour because I read some signs wrong. Instead of taking 152, I wound up on 156. Happily, I realized that something was kind of amiss, and wound up calling Steph, and learned that, well, it wasn't a trip based on my planned route, but not to worry; if I kept on I'd hit 101 anyway, um, or if I turned on 25 I'd hit 101 a little sooner, perhaps a little more driving time even though it's still a little out of my way, but here I am. I'm headed west on 25, looking at the signs for 101, and according to JD I need to take out the "the" when I'm indicating various highways and stuff because it will mark me as a Southern Californian even though [laughs] I'm technically not, even though I was raised by one, but um. Here I am, going 20, and I'm closer than I was. Oh goodness, this is really an interesting day.”

Transcribed by: jai_dit
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