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All kinds of OMG

So Sis called today; I'd texted her to let her know that hi, moving. (She didn't get the postcard, alas.) She updated me on some stuff, though the timing was a little off, as I was headed out of the sithjawa/willskyfall/ziqueenmab residence at just about then.
  • They got a whole bunch of snow.
  • She has been mostly just working.
  • The LF got banned from the bus for a day.
  • This was on account of telling bad jokes on the bus.
  • The LF has a friend who is ... perhaps not finest-kind.
  • They were particularly homophobic jokes.
  • I'm very glad I didn't have to have the talk that followed that with him.
  • The LF has taken up the banjo!
  • The LF is about as tall as his mom. Hi, puberty. (He's *12*!!)
  • The LF is growing a mustache. (HI, PUBERTY.)
  • [info]shammash is gay. The other cat, Thomas, is his boyfriend. (It's a ball-less, mostly-platonic kind of gay, from the description, mostly involving sleeping curled up together. He was never that close to Eris Raven, at any rate.)
  • There may be a kitty handfasting (pawfasting?) in the spring.
  • The lecture to the LF did involve "DID YOU REALIZE YOU ARE BEING *MEAN* TO YOUR *BROTHER*!?", heh.
  • I need to make sure that Dawn and Sis have each other's numbers.
Hooray contact!

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