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22 tweets for 2008-12-15

In the last 24 hours, I posted the following to Twitter:
  • Monday, 0147: ... I just got a card from Cammie.
  • Monday, 0147: ...from Cammie and jdn.
  • Monday, 0155: I'm at Chandler -
  • Monday, 0203: I love the Facebook relationship status "It's Complicated". It covers so many scenarios.
  • Monday, 0215: SHOES ahahahaahah.
  • Monday, 0246: Now the cardinal question is: does this "count"?? (where "this" is obscure.)
  • Monday, 0247: @gameboyguy13 I was texting to brightkite, so ... wildly inaccurate. I did not deviate from the planned route this time!!
  • Monday, 0248: @gameboyguy13 These shoes fly!
  • Monday, 0249: @oakandsage You headache too? Me headache. Ow.
  • Monday, 0301: @oakandsage Glad to hear hotel is satisfactory, meep.
  • Monday, 0310: Brightkite and I really have a hard time communicating sometimes.
  • Monday, 0912: @ataniell93 Amazingly enough, yes. That last LJ entry of Cammie's, about the manymany cards? Somehow I didn't take that literally.
  • Monday, 0914: No truck with fridge this time. However, there was a truck with many washing machines. I'll count that.
  • Monday, 0945: note to self: "this sentence no verb" does not work so well with "now bed for me", as "now bed me" means SOMETHING DIFFERENT
  • Monday, 1537: @ataniell93 Sevvie would probably buy them; she would buy some for herself, and present some to Liane.
  • Monday, 1538: @mamajoan It's also about how you use them. Used inattentively, it would be horrid. Used as a backup system, perfect.
  • Monday, 1539: @chas Used to be you'd have to reinstall it if you plugged something in on a different one. Not quite so much with a modern OS.
  • Monday, 1605: Online behavior:
  • Monday, 1609: And then, bringing online behavior into meatspace:
  • Monday, 1719: Ficrec, hurts so good: ivorygates, memory-damaged!Cam
  • Monday, 1755: @ataniell93 Would Liane then embroider some herself, in retaliation?
  • Monday, 1803: @ataniell93 Bella would be *all over* that. Michel would probably be appalled, a little.

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