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Packing Status Report

  • Closet: emptied of clothing, clothing triaged, hung clothing packed into an Ikea bag, clean laundry (active rotation) lurking, dirty laundry still dirty.

  • Box With More Fabric: in the room with the rest of the stuff to go; kilarneyblarney probably gets first dibs on that.

  • Wax: totally in the closet; wasn't back to get it to Michelle over the weekend. Shall try again, somehow!

  • Floor of room: still a wreck, but things are getting sorted.

  • Boxes that were dragged out of the outside closet: all unpacked!

  • Lurking Cosmetics: lurking

  • Boozes: not all packed yet (may see if the House can take any of them on)

  • Little organizer with the drawers: needs attention

  • paper: I am not allowed to buy any more for like the next year

  • dishes: did we store my plates somewhere or are they, like, gone?

  • Raven mug from Mama that was left packed the whole year: broken. Alas. (It was thinner than usual up near the rim, thinner than she likes to have things, so I'm not surprised at the breakage.)

  • Trash: some has been hauled down to the dumpster; more remains

  • Usable stuff that I'm not going to use: being slowly but surely put in the growing heap in hcolleen's room. You could build such a fort from it all! We have no garage to hold a garage sale.

  • Kitchen: still yet to be addressed

  • Refrigerator and freezer: darn near empty

  • Packing: no, I'm not really inclined that way to start with, and I don't have anything that would really *go*, though there is the Do Not Open box with all sorts of other entertaining items, plus I don't wear pants

  • Best friend: hopefully safely done with finals and in Tucson with the family (he does not go in boxes, though Wii boxers may be involved)

Local people! Tonight is my last reliable night. 32nd and Baseline; (at least parts of) the House and I are planning for 6:30-ish. Please let me know if you plan to show up. hcolleen does not get off work until later, so depending on what else is going on there may be a Dessert Outing too.

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