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28 tweets for 2008-12-16

In the last 24 hours, I posted the following to Twitter:
  • Tuesday, 0035: I have taken the Renunciates' Oath. I DO NOT NEED AND SHOULD NOT WANT a pair of matching bracelets. (Only meaningful to Darkover geeks.)
  • Tuesday, 0043: @ataniell93 At the time it was a good thing because Shawn should never have a di catenas wife and I'd have been in danger, but now...
  • Tuesday, 0102: @ataniell93 The only man to whom I'd give myself di catenas is the man who did his best to make sure I owned myself whole and entire.
  • Tuesday, 0104: AS/S fanmix that looks intriguing:
  • Tuesday, 0105: @ataniell93 Dancing is fun. My cousin raranax has taken up the tango. I should perhaps inquire where, now that I'll be in SF.
  • Tuesday, 0116: Discovered all sorts of fun stuff in boxes that had yet to be unpacked from the closet outside. Incense. Dishes of Myrrh's.
  • Tuesday, 0211: All boxes from the closet outside now unpacked, or something like that. Not repacked, alas, but sorted! Definitely sorted! And jacket=found!
  • Tuesday, 0417: Took a nice long bath with a book: Ellis Peters, The Virgin in the Ice. Murder mystery! Horrible condition, but it was a discard book.
  • Tuesday, 0420: @interfection 32nd & Baseline tonight, 6:30-ish
  • Tuesday, 0953: Shoe-thrower's brother reports him beaten, Iraqi military denies allegations:
  • Tuesday, 1110: @semanticist I really liked the writing in that article. The illusion of unbiased journalism makes the horrific details stand out better.
  • Tuesday, 1433: @interfection Not sure if it's classy or well-organized enough to count as a "shindig" but yes.
  • Tuesday, 1536: Called best friend. Best friend in Tucson with relatives. Explained difference between driving to LA and SF from Phoenix.
  • Tuesday, 1611: Random #lj wtfery being reported -- some random people not able to view journal, friends page when logged in, Halloween site scheme, wtf?
  • Tuesday, 1611: @UrsulaV Is it raining everywhere today? It is even raining in Phoenix, AZ.
  • Tuesday, 1621: @earwormhole Thanks, I now have Dragostea din Tei stuck in my head again.
  • Tuesday, 1841: I'm at South Phoenix -
  • Tuesday, 1902: - PictureMail
  • Tuesday, 1911: Even though I am one of the world's original gossips, I am proud of not spilling one particular thing to the best friend for over a year.
  • Tuesday, 1958: - PictureMail
  • Tuesday, 2212: @emptybackpack Read <^>lj_maintenance! :-P #lj down for 2 hour window, intermittently, for servicing!
  • Tuesday, 2215: - @stevieg2123 has a broken burger-top!
  • Tuesday, 2221: The very lonely geekboy server is kind of sweet. - Gallagher's (3220 E Baseline Rd # 1, Phoenix, AZ), Phoenix, AZ, - http://bkite.c...
  • Tuesday, 2222: I'm at Chandler -
  • Tuesday, 2252: @gameboyguy13 That's a good habit. What happened, hon?
  • Tuesday, 2315: @gameboyguy13 It fucking sucks that people that you care about the good opinion of are prejudiced and don't accept who you are.
  • Tuesday, 2315: @teshiron And hugs to you too on general principle.
  • Tuesday, 2321: Still in blithering glee that the Best Friend gets protective of me. Doesn't mean anything other than that, but ... protective. Warmfuzzy.

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