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list for suggestions, commonly-suggested stuff

Allow Embedding Google Maps (now historical, rejected)
Google Analytics (planned, eventually)
Allow Tag Renaming To Existing Tags (now historical, rejected)
Removal of First Validated Email Address (now historical, rejected, now planned)
Use email instead of message center (no status, now historical)
*TeX markup (historical, rejected)
Find entries by userpic (deferred)

Choose inactive userpic (rejected)
Use email instead of message center (rejected)
Arbitrarily order userpics (no status)
A la carte userpics (planned)
FTP to Scrapbook (no status)
Cancel community invitations (no status)
Import Entries (no status)
Physical Copy (deferred)
Hide my community memberships (rejected)
Hide friends list (rejected)
Crosspost (rejected)
Screen your own comment (no status)
Private userpics page (no status)
Kick single entry off friends page (no status)
Reply to comments by email (no status)
A la carte paid features (no status)
Security: registered users only ( no status)
Fast account switching (listed)
Drafts (planned)
Condorcet polls (no status)
Friends page bookmark (planned)
Combine Tags (planned)
Scheduled posts (planned)

(haven't gone beyond here yet:


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