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10 tweets for 2008-12-21

In the last 24 hours, I posted the following to Twitter:
  • Sunday, 0800: @semanticist I'm afraid I'm not parsing "times on tweets", you mean the time of day that the tweet was made? It should not still be AZ time.
  • Sunday, 1129: Happy Solstice.
  • Sunday, 1254: I need to mangle the name of a sport. Badly.
  • Sunday, 1300: Heh. Got it: "extreme roller derby" (poor Lovie)
  • Sunday, 1304: @mayerman Your brother was trying to seduce me into GW.
  • Sunday, 1339: "I wanted a massage, not a bed of nails!" My aunt has purchased a massage chair.
  • Sunday, 1355: @mayerman I really don't game, which made resisting a whole lot easier.
  • Sunday, 1537: Alas, best friend not so much with the answering the phone today.
  • Sunday, 1545: I may not stand a chance against all the other would-be Googlers, but you never know unless you apply.
  • Sunday, 2132: @oakandsage Thank you. You as well. (Wait, I already said that.)

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