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15 tweets for 2008-12-22

In the last 24 hours, I posted the following to Twitter:
  • Monday, 1148: @intrepia If I'm doing that, my oil of choice is almond. Makes me smell less like a salad. Helps protect delicate long hair.
  • Monday, 1149: Wound up getting call back from best friend last night. Back from Tucson, yay; his dad also back (eep). Hooray for !finals.
  • Monday, 1459: @mayerman A cat from a previous household liked to hang out on the toaster. We were concerned for the health of his boxers.
  • Monday, 1605: I'm at Fort Funston (Skyline Boulevard, San Francisco, CA) -
  • Monday, 1637: I'm at Daly City -
  • Monday, 1643: Holiday shoppers out in force. - Daly City, , , -
  • Monday, 1759: Santa gift-wraps Tempe traffic cameras for speeding motorists:
  • Monday, 1806: I'm at Pacifica -
  • Monday, 1829: I must at some point introduce the elder cousin (of this set) to the best friend.
  • Monday, 1830: @afuna Join us on IRC?
  • Monday, 1834: @afuna Yay! Silly server switches!
  • Monday, 1943: @afuna Although was redirected to the new in short order, and is cnamed to that, as are mask and nova.
  • Monday, 1949: @afuna Hooray for geeking! I have no idea why I love DNS so much.
  • Monday, 1956: @afuna DNS just wants to be understood!
  • Monday, 2316: @oakandsage You are silly.

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