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13 tweets for 2008-12-23

In the last 24 hours, I posted the following to Twitter:
  • Tuesday, 0932: My aunt has coined the phrase "fuck-a-doodle-doo" for those moments that you need to say "fuck" but you can still be silly about it.
  • Tuesday, 1206: OMG, #lj_s, you crazy fools. :D <3 <3 <3
  • Tuesday, 1218: @semanticist Massive crazy nickchange silliness in #lj_s, hiding from @mayerman, who did not immediately get on IRC after waking up.
  • Tuesday, 1231: @semanticist Ah, the noble keyboardmash. I get a lot of inadvertent ping-someone-in-IRC-because-of-tab-key myself.
  • Tuesday, 1533: Heeeee, #dw is using me as the topic of a pun war.
  • Tuesday, 1538: @burr86 Better, make it an autoresponse.
  • Tuesday, 1641: I'm at Fort Funston (Skyline Boulevard, San Francisco, CA) - http://bkite.com/03bpL
  • Tuesday, 1652: Not as windy as usual. Poodle having fun. Deacon the lab is being more restrained. - Fort Funston (Skyline Boulevard, San Francisco, ...
  • Tuesday, 1753: I'm at Pacifica - http://bkite.com/03bvS
  • Tuesday, 1916: In search of a dupe, I am crawling through back stacks of suggestions entries, and on my way through, marking some implementations.
  • Tuesday, 2223: @tangowildheart It's a totally awesome phrase!
  • Tuesday, 2333: Something to revisit: the poll page! http://community.livejournal.com/suggestions/316103.html
  • Tuesday, 2351: @interfection Aren't mothers not supposed to do things like that?

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Gone away, gone ahead,
Echoes roll unanswered.
Empty, open, dusty, dead.
Why have all the Weyrfolk fled?

Where have dragons gone together
Leaving weyrs to wind and weather,
Setting herdbeasts free of tether;
Gone, our safeguards, gone, but whither?

Have they flown to some new weyr
Where cruel Threads some others fear?
Are they worlds away from here?
Why, oh why the empty weyr?

-- "The Question Song", Anne McCaffrey
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