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23 tweets for 2008-12-24

In the last 24 hours, I posted the following to Twitter:
  • Wednesday, 0047: @metaphorge I like fruitcake, much to the dismay of assorted family.
  • Wednesday, 0051: The sun sets over my ocean at midnight. (Gmail, Phantasea theme.)
  • Wednesday, 0215: Tasty tasty grapes. Waiting on dryer to spit out warm nightgown. Catching up with reading. A long suggestions day today, also walking dogs.
  • Wednesday, 0230: @amyty Every word of those 200 have to be pretty near perfect. There's a little more forgiveness in 1000.
  • Wednesday, 1322: @oakandsage - Ooo, pretty!
  • Wednesday, 1324: @gameboyguy13 Oh, JD.
  • Wednesday, 1411: suggestions: new tag needed, community invitations. probably invite codes for oldtimesake. maybe change screening to comment screening??
  • Wednesday, 1414: tags: logged in users
  • Wednesday, 1435: @teshiron Someone in IRC wants a Spanky! Spanky!
  • Wednesday, 1508: tag: ip addresses
  • Wednesday, 1538: tag: userpic organization
  • Wednesday, 1704: I'm at Fort Funston (Skyline Boulevard, San Francisco, CA) -
  • Wednesday, 1855: I'm at Pacifica -
  • Wednesday, 1957: Ooo, some nice wind out there! Wind and rain!
  • Wednesday, 2229: For the record, 'podsibs' for the #lj_s podsibs was coined by @aveleh with help from @gleffler. Pod people!! <3 (Because IRC was curious.)
  • Wednesday, 2233: Basic Instructions today is win:
  • Wednesday, 2238: Still cruising through back entries in suggestions, a day at a time. Some of this stuff I should bring popcorn for. Others are brilliant.
  • Wednesday, 2239: @afuna I linked you a thing in #dw
  • Wednesday, 2257: tag: default settings
  • Wednesday, 2258: Hella windy here in Pacifica. <3 the Bay Area!
  • Wednesday, 2305: That's some serious mustache:
  • Wednesday, 2318: Very appropriate James Bond book cover: & the whole blog has gorgeous stuff
  • Wednesday, 2342: @baconbaconbacon Spinach can be substituted for lettuce in a BLT, but don't try to substitute ketchup for tomatoes. I tried it. Don't.

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