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20 tweets for 2009-1-4

In the last 24 hours, I posted the following to Twitter:
  • Sunday, 0000: @rickybuchanan Alas, I thought it was everything.
  • Sunday, 0018: Finished Regenesis. Without being spoily much, first 100 pages were a little weak but then ZOWIE. I'll have to re-read before III comes out.
  • Sunday, 0137: ...then, I thought Cyteen was a little weak at the beginning on first read, but subsequent readings have built appreciation.
  • Sunday, 0919: "woah, capitals" indeed, ahahaha wow. Oh, fangirls.
  • Sunday, 0946: I get to film Shpanky the Shelter Dog again this morning. He's not humping the poodle so much anymore. (This is an improvement.)
  • Sunday, 1040: The poodle was not about that. (Poor long-suffering poodle.)
  • Sunday, 1322: @nudaydreamer Ooo, pretty birds. I pointed my mom at them too.
  • Sunday, 1350: @norabombay does crack crossovers. Kanye West in Valdemar. Complete with cover art.
  • Sunday, 1410: A*ha*, I found the Ron/Draco I was looking for:
  • Sunday, 1411: @gameboyguy13 Scary stuff, those.
  • Sunday, 1508: Gladiator Dog:
  • Sunday, 1512: Charlie Chaplin Canine freestyle:
  • Sunday, 1747: I'm at San Francisco -
  • Sunday, 1751: Went for walk with aunt & dogs. Now she is picking up Shpanky. My uncle should be back by now. He is not much into dogs.
  • Sunday, 2102: Evaded having to explain figging to my aunt.
  • Sunday, 2302: Finishing the spiced wine from best friend's mom. <3
  • Sunday, 2302: @emptybackpack Indeed. I told her to not Google it. This, several days after the "If we tell you not to, don't" lecture. I hope she listened
  • Sunday, 2303: @gameboyguy13 @ataniell93 Peel ginger, use as buttplug.
  • Sunday, 2351: with my aunt picking up Spence from the SPCA (so cute, so troublesome) - 243 Alabama St (243 Alabama St, San Francisco, CA 94103), Sa...
  • Sunday, 2352: I'm at Pacifica -

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