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18 tweets for 2009-1-5

In the last 24 hours, I posted the following to Twitter:
  • Sunday, 2357: @mayerman People think of the darnedest things, eh? Glad to report I know what figging is from research *only*.
  • Monday, 0044: Learned some funtimes things about screen capture on ye olde mac:
  • Monday, 0959: Very wrong customer of a realtor:
  • Monday, 1013: Oh, honey, you write English better than people whose first language it is.
  • Monday, 1122: A bit young to get married, eh?
  • Monday, 1125: Yay GPS! Do I have local people who use TomTom for their 'where the fuck am I' services?
  • Monday, 1159: Installation problems. WTF, TomTom.
  • Monday, 1200: Also, Miss Lunatic should not name her new GPS 'Riddle' for the obvious reason.
  • Monday, 1233: /me snarl, link file (lappy slow)
  • Monday, 1710: @malerin It's like 46 degrees Fahrenheit out there today.
  • Monday, 1730: Figuring out what sort of crack my computer is smoking. Hi, TomTom. (Turns out to throw errors relating to Visual C++ 8.0 of all things.)
  • Monday, 1741: ... TomTom may just need .NET 2.0 runtime environment updates. WTF. (Control Panel: Admin Tools, Comp Mgmt, System Tools, Event, System)
  • Monday, 1815: this also looks like part of what I was havening:
  • Monday, 1819: Cousin is very good to plot with, including the drafting of bogus FAQs.
  • Monday, 1828: Pink iguanas!
  • Monday, 1913: Now downloading .NET framework 2.0; let's see what that does. I'm having unexpected complaints about .dlls but my wireless works.
  • Monday, 1928: My language, rarely good, gets immensely foul when working with computers. Though this is not that foul by internet standards.
  • Monday, 2019: TomTom tech support badly wrong. Home install file not opening needed SP 3 and .NET 2.0 framework, *not* corrupt file caused by wireless net

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