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27 tweets for 2009-1-6

In the last 24 hours, I posted the following to Twitter:
  • Tuesday, 0019: Fuck. FUCK fuck fuck fuck FUCK goddamn STUPID decision process with SO MUCH WRONG fuck. fuck fuck fuck. Not sure what jdn will say but FUCK.
  • Tuesday, 0023: So they have their numbers wrong. but. fuck. fuck fuck fuck.
  • Tuesday, 0056: DW now plowing full speed ahead:
  • Tuesday, 0142: My volunteers, my darlings: general huddle-together-for-protection is ongoing in IRC, particularly in #dw
  • Tuesday, 0228: I have a splitting headache. Probable causes: not enough water, up too late, and crying.
  • Tuesday, 0931: Deacon just horked up a hairball on top of the rug over the heating grate. Which is why my aunt puts the rug there, because he does this.
  • Tuesday, 0949: I don't think LJ's going to up and disappear but a backup is always a good idea.
  • Tuesday, 1009: The poodle is at the poodle party (don't ask). In his absence, Deacon does not freak out about the oxygen delivery next door. Imagine that.
  • Tuesday, 1010: My tasty and nutritious breakfast: hummus, naan, bits of leftover ham, and maybe grapes to follow.
  • Tuesday, 1021: LJ has a press release:
  • Tuesday, 1055: Secret Protocol of Grapes (in my aunt's kitchen): Pre-snip clusters so people won't leave grape skeletons.
  • Tuesday, 1129: Suggested olive oil for poodle hair problems. Imagine the havoc caused by a well-oiled poodle.
  • Tuesday, 1140: On the power of positive speech:
  • Tuesday, 1212: Well, if you strap a broom handle to a blender ... you're probably going to punch yourself in the face. Or groin.
  • Tuesday, 1230: Radioactive beans could confer the super power Human Torch (lighter not included). This is better than Slightly Magnetic Testicles as power.
  • Tuesday, 1231: @scapwell I think at 9k+ they use it as networking/occasional firehose, not devoted read-every-day friends page.
  • Tuesday, 1400: Jealous wife sets possibly-philandering husband's penis on fire, charged with murder:
  • Tuesday, 1401: @ataniell93 Oh, I wasn't even thinking of that! I wasn't thinking about the tech specs at all; server-end people can do as they will. ZIIP
  • Tuesday, 1456: @mamajoan That post of mine is collecting a decent number of tools across different platforms.
  • Tuesday, 1629: My aunt wears camo cargo pants. It's for the pockets. She's really a pink person. (We're Winters. We bond over that.)
  • Tuesday, 1634: @oakandsage It's appalling, you know? I hope at least their tech support gets in the loop, and then they can fix their installer. #TomTom
  • Tuesday, 1755: THE POODLE IS SO FUZZY
  • Tuesday, 1831: Must introduce my cousin to my sister's concept of the tango punch.
  • Tuesday, 2022: Oh, fangirls, never change. That's sort of the point about R+ rated fics.
  • Tuesday, 2023: @sleevewornheart Ahahaha our minds are warped, eh?
  • Tuesday, 2031: @androshd /me makes a note here: huge success.
  • Tuesday, 2229: Burn After Reading is hilarious.

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