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34 tweets for 2009-1-7

In the last 24 hours, I posted the following to Twitter:
  • Wednesday, 0110: Deacon the Lab horked up his supper too. Poor Deacon.
  • Wednesday, 1056: Deacon horked up his breakfast again.
  • Wednesday, 1057: I think it may be V.E.T. time for Deacon, as this is three meals in a row he's lost.
  • Wednesday, 1125: New concept of the day: a bondage-porn-deleting troll.
  • Wednesday, 1129: Tastebud schadenfreude:
  • Wednesday, 1136: This household has a lot of cutting boards.
  • Wednesday, 1138: When I search for Ron/Draco spice can spy alligators Pansy Vince Greg "ested" I am searching for Mad Maudlin, preferably on Skyehawke.
  • Wednesday, 1151: @chas That, or advising them that she was "almost done" but if they wanted they could wait and have tea... (my cousin's suggestion)
  • Wednesday, 1151: - PictureMail
  • Wednesday, 1154: @gils9965 Deacon does not have a Twitter account. He has, however, invaded the couch my cousin is on so now there's just his snout visible.
  • Wednesday, 1234: Awesome rabbi converts hateful Klansman to Judaism:
  • Wednesday, 1238: What Intrepia said:
  • Wednesday, 1250: - Cousin, couch, book, dog. Dog did not move off couch, so cousin put comforter over dog.
  • Wednesday, 1254: @AussieDogNews Not a "dog person", just living with some dogs at the moment.
  • Wednesday, 1353: After I let the dogs out, I realized that Deacon had horked up his breakfast. By the time I got my shoes, Deacon had cleaned up. So helpful.
  • Wednesday, 1405: think I'll go for a walk with the dogs.
  • Wednesday, 1545: Tried going for walk with dogs. Forgot shitbags, came back for them, then poodle slipped collar. Decided against re-walkies. Hit library.
  • Wednesday, 1602: #lj People have been poked & I see that @LiveJournal has updated. They've been better about updating status and twitter.
  • Wednesday, 1603: @mamajoan Not just you. IRC is wondering if people trying to back up their journals are DDoSing teh LJs.
  • Wednesday, 1614: The notional clocktower is the one over the chocolate shop, and it now has a hot tub.
  • Wednesday, 1628: Chatted with best friend briefly. After 4pm = best time to call; text messages = no. "Washing machine noises". Tried not to laugh @ shaving.
  • Wednesday, 1720: Scorpions are worse than centipedes, gynecologically speaking.
  • Wednesday, 1831: @omnivorously ba?
  • Wednesday, 1833: @asciident IRC: #antifucknuggets had commentary about what could be the problem of Certain Dangerously Insane Parties *coughcan'tsleepcough*
  • Wednesday, 1834: @nudaydreamer IRC #antifucknuggets
  • Wednesday, 1839: @ataniell93 Sorry about that.
  • Wednesday, 2126: Stuffed ham:
  • Wednesday, 2132: If you have ever liked Elmer Drimsdale, go read this now.
  • Wednesday, 2138: @omnivorously It was a Bujoldian reference to the engineered non-gendered cousins of the Haut.
  • Wednesday, 2151: @omnivorously Bel is all kinds of love. Did you see the Bel-centric Yuletide fic?
  • Wednesday, 2207: @mayerman Stacey made you a pillow, but you eated it:
  • Wednesday, 2320: Getting suggestions-motivated again somehow (amazingly); I want this stuff as shipshape as I can get it.
  • Wednesday, 2328: oh dear, I think I just heard what my aunt described as "washing machine noises" from the dog
  • Wednesday, 2330: "washing machine noises" are a warning sign for future hurking when they're coming from the dog and not from a washing machine.

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