Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Night Out!

Headed off for drinks with pyrogenic and crew at Beretta, in honor of Josh's birthday. I was right on time; they were fashionably late after dessert took a little longer than planned. Josh of course got picked up and spun about upon my seeing him.

Drinks occurred, although at first we misplaced our server. Many of Josh's work teammates trickled in.

While I was in a very social mood (for me) this wound up involving my notebook and the Current Adventures of Benito Quirke after a while. Josh and I got caught up. It turns out that one of those present was a fellow 1995 CTYer, although at another site. Brilliant! Josh dredged up something I hadn't even remembered -- the Lady E had at one point written RPF that involved Josh and the three ladies living in NYC, us having started a software company, and him having knocked up all three of us.

I had just the one drink, but that was well enough, for everyone who knows my alcohol tolerance.

I overshot my departure time, and made haste for BART slightly past midnight. I made it with a train to spare, but next time I'm going to keep very close track of when I'll need to leave and where I am.

It was so good to see Josh. A mutual smooch on the cheek would have sent me over the moon fourteen years ago, but it's business as usual tonight.

Got home without incident, although my loathing of parallel parking increases exponentially with proximity to my actual bedtime.

It turns out, in the it's-a-fucking-small-world department, that pyrogenic's roommate and jai_dit know each other from college. How cool is that?

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