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The Penis Game

Poll #1331444 The Penis Game

"The Penis Game" is a youthful game of volume and brashness, generally played by kids of an age to realize that "penis" is not a word that one shouts in polite company. This game is for two or more players. One person starts out whispering the word "penis". The next person must repeat the word slightly louder. All players continue in turn. The winner is the person who is willing to shout the word the loudest. Other words may be substituted. So how did you hear about it?

I played it myself as a child or young adult
Other kids played it in my area so I heard about it when I was young
I was an adult when someone told me about it
I was an adult and someone played it in my area
I was an adult when someone told me about it and I wound up playing it myself anyway
I just heard about it now
something completely different
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