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26 tweets for 2009-1-14

In the last 24 hours, I posted the following to Twitter:
  • Wednesday, 0023: I'm at Beretta -
  • Wednesday, 0107: I'm at Pacifica -
  • Wednesday, 0111: @scapwell You got hit too?
  • Wednesday, 0120: @museumfreak I know @oakandsage used to puzzle pirate; not sure if this is still current though, doesn't hurt to ask.
  • Wednesday, 0159: - dude in the middle there is holding Joshie's birthday card up to his ear cellphone style. YMCA.
  • Wednesday, 1009: This portrays Bloody Stupid Johnson quite accurately:
  • Wednesday, 1010: The White House Sword:
  • Wednesday, 1019: @scapwell The power of automated searching.
  • Wednesday, 1021: Three cups of coffee can cause increased risk of hallucination:
  • Wednesday, 1022: @UrsulaV What's next after fire? Explosions?
  • Wednesday, 1023: ... though technically it's more is-likely-to-be-associated-with rather than increasing the risk as such, they haven't proven that yet.
  • Wednesday, 1102: @ataniell93 I just e-mailed you a draft!
  • Wednesday, 1250: @oakandsage I prefer them uncooked.
  • Wednesday, 1313: Hazards of Kitty Teleportation:
  • Wednesday, 1434: This is very worth reading.
  • Wednesday, 1553: Made a protein-versus-lactose judgment call. Woe. I didn't stop when I knew I should, and regret will follow.
  • Wednesday, 1720: I'm at Fort Funston -
  • Wednesday, 1841: Rhyme time: "What luck! I'm stuck in a fuck-truck with a duck and his puck! Yuck!"
  • Wednesday, 1844: "What luck! A duck that can suck! Now I can pay my way into the fuck-truck!" (my cousin's new version of rhyme time) (we are on crack)
  • Wednesday, 1845: I'm at Pacifica -
  • Wednesday, 1847: (Backstory: once upon a time my cousin got in trouble at the library for making up a nonsense word that rhymed with 'duck'. He was small.)
  • Wednesday, 2232: @ataniell93 Oh dear, it's hard to be a mad scientist when someone keeps knocking over your experiments.
  • Wednesday, 2302: Sleep-emailing:
  • Wednesday, 2309: Similarly, somniloquy:
  • Wednesday, 2324: IRC channel membership balance tipped the other way for the first time (that I saw) tonight. Pretty equal right now. Eerie.
  • Wednesday, 2329: Whee, bedtime! Aunt the elder arriving tomorrow, and might get a call about a specific job opportunity. Plus farmers' market.

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