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15 tweets for 2009-1-15

In the last 24 hours, I posted the following to Twitter:
  • Thursday, 0755: Evidently there are outtakes from the condom balloon animal stuff too.
  • Thursday, 0825: Low speed police chase (el Reg)
  • Thursday, 0828: Scientologists want to ban HIV+ protestors (el Reg)
  • Thursday, 0858: Part 1 of lying to get free coffee: don't do this. (not always right)
  • Thursday, 1033: I'm sure they had a good reason to take custody of poor little Adolf:
  • Thursday, 1034: @museumfreak Right now #dw < #lj_support by about 7.
  • Thursday, 1043: Wang.
  • Thursday, 1224: The "Save Our s00j" project has a book, all-star lineup:
  • Thursday, 1450: Wooo, I now have the dizzies from not remembering lunch! Win! That and staring at the scary screen.
  • Thursday, 1848: Figured out that my aunt's range hood was kicking into high gear because it was thinking for itself re: heat, not because it was broken.
  • Thursday, 2017: I'm at Trader Joe's -
  • Thursday, 2037: I'm at Daly City -
  • Thursday, 2059: I'm at Mission St & 16th St -
  • Thursday, 2135: I have this dread of stuff that comes out of the dark and grabs me. I am thinking that watching SPN with the lights on is a good plan.
  • Thursday, 2224: we finally got Rho back out of random word hEll ... after sending down a care package.

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