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20 tweets for 2009-1-16

In the last 24 hours, I posted the following to Twitter:
  • Friday, 0042: I'm at Mission St & 16th St -
  • Friday, 0045: station agent belaboring the point that anyone east bay bound is way... - Mission St & 16th St, San Francisco, CA, -
  • Friday, 0052: Despite that the dude got into a disagreement with a dude who missed... - Mission St & 16th St, San Francisco, CA, -
  • Friday, 0101: - PictureMail
  • Friday, 0102: I'm at Daly City -
  • Friday, 0103: Josh came by SPN Night.
  • Friday, 0148: Edward Cullen, having a Bad Life:
  • Friday, 0149: I'm at Pacifica -
  • Friday, 0154: - Bad shot, but dude is swinging from the bars and his feet are on the ceiling; his friend is pushing him.
  • Friday, 0234: I have a very specific vision of an icon that I'd like with this quote, with duck prints:
  • Friday, 0258: Evidently the one dude with the history had some of the bad kind of fun with ketchup. WTF, man.
  • Friday, 0305: Aunt the elder arrived safely just as I was headed out earlier this evening. Had to park uphill when I got back.
  • Friday, 2118: @kestrelct rahmbamarama is going *crazy*
  • Friday, 2159: Keanu. Cowboy Bebop. What.
  • Friday, 2236: Tonight I am abusing caps lock in other forums, so it feels strangely refreshing to not do that here.
  • Friday, 2237: Day: went on short hike with aunts, fell over on face and slept through them getting dinner, then called best friend & squeed re: game
  • Friday, 2303: Pitched a bizarre romantic comedy idea to aunts; it wants to be a novel: my years on the *wrong* side.
  • Friday, 2303: @gameboyguy13 omfg.
  • Friday, 2308: Finally found the inexplicable pain in my foot: not a splinter, but a hair acting like one. OW.
  • Friday, 2331: @asciident If you're Lump, might you be dead? are you in my head?

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