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19 tweets for 2009-1-17

In the last 24 hours, I posted the following to Twitter:
  • Friday, 2358: Earlier this evening: heard Noises from kitchen: Deacon licking plate on counter. BAD DOG. (15 second timeout in bathroom.)
  • Friday, 2358: on the other hand, it's great that Deacon is feeling flexible enough to reach up to the counter. (10 and arthritic poor thing)
  • Saturday, 0043: Dr. Who macro made me giggle helplessly, best friend too:
  • Saturday, 0050: I got through "Can we go now?"
  • Saturday, 0158: Mibbit hates me.
  • Saturday, 0747: I'm at Half Moon Bay -
  • Saturday, 0920: Shape Note convention. My utter shyness has re-asserted itself. Too many people, none of whom I know.
  • Saturday, 1320: Way too crowded. Great singing but my voice just blew. Lurking outside.
  • Saturday, 1525: I'm at San Carlos -
  • Saturday, 1712: I'm at Pacifica -
  • Saturday, 1723: @marcelle42 Trader Joe's is awesome. I'm probably going there later tonight for more chocolate caramels.
  • Saturday, 1725: @ursamajor My parents have done it since we were Very Small Indeed, and my aunt hauled me to the gathering. Horribly crowded but fun.
  • Saturday, 1730: @mchelen I saw! @tangowildheart advises that it was a planned downtime and I (we, probably) should follow @mibbit to avoid nasty surprises
  • Saturday, 2009: The Bacon Explosion Sausage is kind of scary:
  • Saturday, 2141: so the Santa Ana winds are blowing. My fingernails are shredding.
  • Saturday, 2142: the crazy people are trying to figure out how to pirate ham.
  • Saturday, 2154: THE PORES INSIDE MY NOSE ARE DEHYDRATED. (This was more than many of you needed to know.)
  • Saturday, 2215: @teshiron I seem to have addressed the issue with lip balm.
  • Saturday, 2221: I managed to cut my finger this morning, on the seatbelt and my ring. er, wtf??

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