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23 tweets for 2009-1-18

In the last 24 hours, I posted the following to Twitter:
  • Sunday, 0732: I think I was coming down with the creeping crud before the convention.
  • Sunday, 0736: @teshiron Unlike lotion, it's generally approved for putting near the mouth. Scraped off & applied, not stuck the lip balm stick IN nose.
  • Sunday, 0738: @Celtic_Maenad There is this long-running joke in IRC (only a month or two so far though) about @mayerman's pillow that tastes of BBQ.
  • Sunday, 0749: Yep, got Womanizer in the head. Again.
  • Sunday, 1350: @sophira <^>rahmbamarama was flipping out with squee over the #obama party, but that's a members-only comm so it wouldn't show public
  • Sunday, 1351: @afuna That's bad and wrong LJ behaviour. Bug ticket tiem? (re: Date Out of Order warning hosing set security)
  • Sunday, 1353: @sophira However, <^>rahmbamarama flips out with squee *frequently* & accounts for over 99% of my caps lock use.
  • Sunday, 1354: @afuna So you do! WOMANIZER BABY
  • Sunday, 1357: Found the USB cable for my GPS: it was in my man-purse right where it was supposed to be.
  • Sunday, 1406: Ballet dancers can often kick you in the face without a ladder.
  • Sunday, 1446: Icons I want: ballet and/or fencing (feet), something else music-related that's not just the rainbow notes
  • Sunday, 1545: I'm at Trader Joe's -
  • Sunday, 1851: With @gameboyguy13, getting audio set up for THE GAYEST MUSIC ON THE PLANET <3 <3 <3
  • Sunday, 1926: I'm at Stockton -
  • Sunday, 2250: @afuna
  • Sunday, 2254: @gameboyguy13 quoted me as saying "That was a bad screw; I'm scarred for life!" (Out of context Lunatic is out of context.)
  • Sunday, 2259: *dies* (comm membership required) Anderson Cooper = pony
  • Sunday, 2308: @gameboyguy13 and I made cookies: I think I left out a half-cup of flour, alas.
  • Sunday, 2330: and in the cookie-making process I manage to quote Yeats. though it was a pretty obvious quote. :D Still proud of myself.
  • Sunday, 2342: @sleevewornheart JD was complaining about cookies being cooked around edges but otherwise doughy & fragile.
  • Sunday, 2342: @sleevewornheart So I say the next obvious thing that comes to mouth: "Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold," I say, and he wallops.
  • Sunday, 2350: JD is blowing his shredder.
  • Sunday, 2350: @intrepia Ick!!!

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