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15 tweets for 2009-1-19

In the last 24 hours, I posted the following to Twitter:
  • Monday, 0037: @voyagers There is a thing in my journal that is for you.
  • Monday, 0236: I'm at Livermore -
  • Monday, 0428: I'm at Pacifica -
  • Monday, 0432: @ataniell93 OMG indeed. (re: photo, not safe for my mom)
  • Monday, 0507: jdn and Cammie are arguing in IRC. It's good to be home. Problems involve confusing jdn with @gameboyguy13 by accident.
  • Monday, 0509: Piaaaaaaaaano (related to the OMG photo, perhaps?)
  • Monday, 0825: @mamajoan I don't advocate violence against police, but a Fairbanks police officer trying that would get a mitten in the kisser.
  • Monday, 0826: @androshd Yes. I'm sure the shredder didn't enjoy it, though.
  • Monday, 1441: @asciident Hang in there
  • Monday, 1452: Poe had a big rock.
  • Monday, 1602: @rickybuchanan Book 3 just mugged me. It may be Susan's book. Rather, it is Susan's book but it may be 3 or a side story.
  • Monday, 1613: Fans of the Cracked Phoenix universe (Circle of Fire, Demon Mirror, Welcome to the Workplace) my pain = your gain. Working title Venus Smash
  • Monday, 1639: Saturday night while we were searching for the source of the smoke smell (moth, halogen lamp) Deacon stole my buttered baguette.
  • Monday, 2141: Called my parents; had a nice long chat. Cousin and uncle came home from skiing tonight so it was a nice group dinner, plus dogs.
  • Monday, 2309: Dawn called, yay. She might call tomorrow too. Neither of us got through to the best friend; oh well.

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