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33 tweets for 2009-1-20

In the last 24 hours, I posted the following to Twitter:
  • Tuesday, 0029: We had takeout dim sum for lunch today, and that was good. Mmmredbeanpaste <3
  • Tuesday, 0857: I'm watching this on streaming video. <3 <3 <3
  • Tuesday, 0859: All-star musical lineup!
  • Tuesday, 0903: rahmbamarama brought down their cluster I think!
  • Tuesday, 0906: crying and laughing all at once.
  • Tuesday, 1000: OK, done watching TV for the day. Cleaning crew still here. Clothings still in dryer.
  • Tuesday, 1002: @youlovetam We don't really. They pretend though.
  • Tuesday, 1051: To do: write up one of my How-To things on banning/etc.
  • Tuesday, 1117: @Celtic_Maenad Feel free to pour Things I Should Include In My Thing About Banning/etc at me. (That goes for the rest of y'all too.)
  • Tuesday, 1121: @davidalexanderm Speaking of unexpected dead mice:
  • Tuesday, 1159: Ted Kennedy collapses:
  • Tuesday, 1221: @youlovetam So I heard. And CNN has a little tiny bit more on Kennedy:
  • Tuesday, 1222: Just about ready to leave to hang out with @gameboyguy13; taking with me the box with ALL THE BOOZE IN THE WORLD (in the trunk).
  • Tuesday, 1250: I'm at Trader Joe's -
  • Tuesday, 1516: oh, random word hEll, never change <3
  • Tuesday, 1516: I'm at Stockton -
  • Tuesday, 1519: @Celtic_Maenad Very yes.
  • Tuesday, 1525: Operating system of choice for happy funtimes (note: not the sort of happyfuntimes that people you like want)
  • Tuesday, 1603: She's trying to wiggle his gummy bear, but it's too hard. He's whipping it out now.
  • Tuesday, 1604: WTF, I am getting spammed with direct messages. This is like the 6th duplicate. WTF.
  • Tuesday, 1611: @twitter any known issues with duplicate direct messages? It's either your issue or that of @hmtasks; I have 9 dups so far.
  • Tuesday, 1612: @HMTasks You guys having problems with duplicate direct messages? I have about 9 duplicate direct message; it's either you or @twitter.
  • Tuesday, 1641: Looks like @HMTasks had "a database go awry" for a bit; all is now good! <3
  • Tuesday, 1833: - PictureMail
  • Tuesday, 1909: doubletagged in scrapbook: upload to existing tag gallery, add same tag to it again, result: same tag now displays on it twice. Broken!
  • Tuesday, 1910: Got called "Mrs. [@gameboyguy13]" at Safeway: his card, shopping together. Am I supposedly his wife or his mom??
  • Tuesday, 1931: Butterbeer time.
  • Tuesday, 1932: @coffeechica Oooo chocolate cake. JD has cake mix, but I think that would be unwise as smashed as we are planning.
  • Tuesday, 2016: Having peppermint and cacao. Nom. JD is *giggling* on the phone.
  • Tuesday, 2020: @teshiron That was giggling. I know it when I hear it. Granted, I most often hear it when I'm myself talking to the Best Friend. <3
  • Tuesday, 2043: RT @mamajoan: "My 5-year-old didn't mind the witch much, but I think he feels as a matter of principle that monkeys ought not to fly." :D :D
  • Tuesday, 2118: @ataniell93 I fear that I am helpful.
  • Tuesday, 2212: TOO DAMN LONG, THAT'S WHEN.

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