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21 tweets for 2009-1-21

In the last 24 hours, I posted the following to Twitter:
  • Wednesday, 0024: Time to head back home!
  • Wednesday, 0059: I'm at Lathrop -
  • Wednesday, 0305: I'm at Pacifica -
  • Wednesday, 0307: - PictureMail
  • Wednesday, 0844: When my cousin IMed me to say "DICKERDOODLES" I thought he was just saying it. Then I found a cookie on my pillow when I got home.
  • Wednesday, 0956: @ryto The way you've spelled it, it has neither capital letters nor special characters, and with only lowercase and numbers, not strong.
  • Wednesday, 0959: Blocked @DateSF and @ignighter because it's still spammy even when it's a "great idea" that the devs think SURELY must be relevant to me. No
  • Wednesday, 1044: @DateSF The problems is that your business model is follow-first-apologize-later. That's the trouble with most twitter spammers.
  • Wednesday, 1045: - the infamous dickerdoodle on my pillow
  • Wednesday, 1048: @Celtic_Maenad Very much so. See photo.
  • Wednesday, 1050: @chas Indeed it is. Also my cousin is From the Internet, so he took photos of me eating it.
  • Wednesday, 1108: @teshiron That's what he said.
  • Wednesday, 1109: @mamajoan So it did. My cousin is all kinds of awesome.
  • Wednesday, 1236: El Reg: chemical "volume control" for ear protection: "legislatively disadvantaged array of chemical canapés" heh
  • Wednesday, 1653: Obama action figure!
  • Wednesday, 1901: ALL RIGHT! Suggestions is now caught up until December!
  • Wednesday, 1902: US government server patch
  • Wednesday, 1929: Fox news interview: when both parties bump fists, this is of course called "fisting".
  • Wednesday, 2013: @emptybackpack So was my aunt.
  • Wednesday, 2102: jdn is in irc.
  • Wednesday, 2105: Ugh. I have a food-related semi-headache. Not enough fruit?

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