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25 tweets for 2009-1-23

In the last 24 hours, I posted the following to Twitter:
  • Friday, 0904: @carlogabriel YOU are actually doing Twitter RIGHT. Thank you for being relevant and not a douche! <3
  • Friday, 0905: The "already" list for DW changes excites me:
  • Friday, 0928: I think the flan was not improved by leaving it in the refrigerator until now. Next time I have it for lunch and see what I think.
  • Friday, 0934: Things I have sent to Random Word hEll lately: "stabbing yourself in the boob with a fork." (There was a flan incident.)
  • Friday, 1112: "Poodle, stop humping" count today so far: 1. (Landscaper knocked on door. Cue ferocious barking from both, poodle humping lab.)
  • Friday, 1115: @armaina Yay California! We have rain!
  • Friday, 1117: @teshiron Yep! Although when I try to tell Crankyface that, he snarls at me. :D
  • Friday, 1225: @nudaydreamer That reminds me, I need to find a good SF/CA news feed or two on Twitter. Great for headlines.
  • Friday, 1250: @UrsulaV So strictly out of academic curiosity, how much would a group of fans have to raise to commission a comic book?
  • Friday, 1307: Unshelved: that's an accurate assessment of how Mama would react to Penny Arcade.
  • Friday, 1341: @semanticist See what you can fuck with in the registry before it goes completely inoperable? Uninstall IE the fun way?
  • Friday, 1357: Brendan's customers need a lesson in how to give effective threats.
  • Friday, 1507: imagine getting tucked in next to this stuffed animal:
  • Friday, 1719: My best friend just introduced me to a podcast that involved a dying Yoda bestowing his Jedi porn stash upon Luke. I think I love this guy.
  • Friday, 1744: My aunt has been doing her New Underwear Dance all day. (It doesn't creep up on her.)
  • Friday, 1753: The chicken my aunt bought for dinner yesterday still had a head (complete with ear flap feathers) and feet. At least it was cleaned!
  • Friday, 1759: @scapwell Very fresh. This one looked as if it might be free-range, but she (I think) did have her beak clipped a bit. Her claws were good.
  • Friday, 1800: "Poodle, don't dump the Lab on the floor while he's trying to hump you!" count of the day: 1. (Lab is 10, creaky.) It's bad for his shoulder
  • Friday, 1827: Talked with best friend over an hour. He's going to make a great nurse. <3 Also bad slip of the tongue moment re: grinch. :D :D :D
  • Friday, 1833: Oh, fangirls. Never change. (re: the screed with endangered capitals and questionable spelling and no paragraph breaks)
  • Friday, 2001: Unshelved: Miles!
  • Friday, 2026: Unshelved: the laptop game:
  • Friday, 2109: Unshelved: tarantula!
  • Friday, 2136: Unshelved: interesting bookmark!
  • Friday, 2255: Unshelved: he accidentally the cookbook.

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