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34 tweets for 2009-1-25

In the last 24 hours, I posted the following to Twitter:
  • Sunday, 0017: things sent to Random Word hEll: X wrapped in duct tape and chains, stapled to the ceiling, wearing a ballet tutu and carrying a fairy wand!
  • Sunday, 0204: dizzyfaced tired, but I got the documentation of What I Do down, at least the basics. The tech refinement is a document in itself.
  • Sunday, 0923: Poor @stephenfry got read RPS of himself:
  • Sunday, 0952: "Poodle, stop humping" count for the day: 1 (aunt's friend to whom she brought lasagna returning the pan)
  • Sunday, 1127: My uncle thinks I should be getting $30/hour more than I'm asking for home PC consulting. :D (This is o hai I've been a mac user consulting)
  • Sunday, 1128: @Prissi That sounds way over annoying. Blech.
  • Sunday, 1136: Lab invited to "go outside to air out for a bit" (tail gasket problems, aunt came over with kleenex); my invitation made aunt giggle. RANK.
  • Sunday, 1145: Cousin presented me with a bumper sticker: "Wanna get laid? Crawl up a chicken's ass and wait." :D I love my family.
  • Sunday, 1150: Cousin having the bad kind of fun with his laptop. Poor guy.
  • Sunday, 1157: I'd never heard of Cursebird before. Evidently I swear like a Scottish Comedian. Thanks, @semanticist
  • Sunday, 1223: Almond butter does not go well with sourdough bread. Just in case I ever am dumb enough to try that combination again. (Weeks ago, still ew)
  • Sunday, 1340: @semanticist I'd love to get more fucking practice in, however, the preferred suspect is disinclined to participate & 700-odd miles remote.
  • Sunday, 1345: Uncle and cousin are arguing math. Funtimes!
  • Sunday, 1432: I'm at Fort Funston -
  • Sunday, 1432: - PictureMail
  • Sunday, 1519: Poodle, stop humping count today: 2. Parking at Trader Joe's was a big event in poodle world.
  • Sunday, 1520: - PictureMail
  • Sunday, 1520: I'm at Trader Joe's -
  • Sunday, 1622: I'm at Pacifica -
  • Sunday, 1907: Read The Mislaid Magician, Wrede and Stevermer. Good times! My aunt got it from the library.
  • Sunday, 1928: @MindiJean Your search picked up PCOS in my tweets. It did not pick up me telling the last spammer like you to fuck off?
  • Sunday, 1929: @MindiJean Seriously, identical messages months out of context to a stranger is the mark of a fucking spammer.
  • Sunday, 1931: fucking blocking fucking spammers. (I may be crankier than usual. Probably hormonal swings.)
  • Sunday, 1936: @KevinMeek That's a fun episode. (stumbled across you via
  • Sunday, 2026: Planet Earth disc 2, diaries: the translator headbutted the park ranger, then the driver stepped in and punched the translator. All drunk.
  • Sunday, 2158: The Poodle What Humps Incessantly has been consigned to Random Word hEll. (returned: inability to get things to stick in hell, 5 days.)
  • Sunday, 2201: Poodle = Dazzle/Parnelli/Pom-Pom Tail; Lab = Deacon/Vacuum Cleaner Face; Shelter Dog = Spence/Shpanky (and no longer being trained YAY)
  • Sunday, 2206: @DanielEfton Random Word hEll is an IRC bot. Feed a thing to hEll, hEll spits back a previously fed thing, or two, or ... nothing. Funtimes.
  • Sunday, 2211: DW closed beta ETA: currently 14 Feb as of new IRC topic change. WOOHOO GUYS
  • Sunday, 2218: @DanielEfton I hang with the LJ volunteer and DW dev/volunteer crowds. It's certainly an interesting batch in there & I <3 them.
  • Sunday, 2226: @intrepia That and people creating test accounts on clones that have not seen the error of the original ways.
  • Sunday, 2237: @DanielEfton DW =, an LJ code fork being undertaken by some of the BEST people I can think of to do it. Like Fu. <3
  • Sunday, 2241: @semanticist I'll live! Makes getting laid a damn sight less likely, though.

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