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22 tweets for 2009-1-26

In the last 24 hours, I posted the following to Twitter:
  • Monday, 0122: How am I so late? It is sleep and there is IRC but we will have IRC in the morning and no one sets my comm on fire and I cannot spell?
  • Monday, 0918: @richardhenry It may just be the observer effect, as people notice that their favorite words are doing poorly and exert themselves.
  • Monday, 0919: @mayerman It certainly is why you should not. Also a reason to have sugar in a little decorative jar. Mmm, coffee.
  • Monday, 1027: @hmtasks c In my "good damn writing" gmail tag, take the "you are not a dev so stop beating yourself" comment and make an essay.
  • Monday, 1109: Suggestions from my aunt for endearments to Shuttleslayer: honeychild, lambkins, pumpkin (oh god)
  • Monday, 1111: "my little cabbage-head"
  • Monday, 1207: ... what (web 2.0 gone ... somewhere. somewhere that no one wants to go but everyone does. SFW, nsfsanity.)
  • Monday, 1213: Whee, @brightkite likes my idea!
  • Monday, 1215: Created new tag in my gmail for probably-spammers-or-serial-adders following me on things, as I seem to need it.
  • Monday, 1258: Stuff is in the dryer. Toast has been had. Dogs are barking thanks to another dog barking. Plastic in recycle.
  • Monday, 1306: Mmm, leftover girly dew. Maybe I'm having too much caffeine, though?
  • Monday, 1336: Happy New Year!!
  • Monday, 1351: Poodle, stop humping! count today: 1 (Dogs do not like magazine salesman. Confusing pitch made him seem like someone supposed to be there.)
  • Monday, 1607: whee, time to go get ready for Consulting!
  • Monday, 1615: Rescheduled for Thursday. We can do this!
  • Monday, 1637: "The more degrees you have, the better your prospects are." "So if you're 110, your prospects are good?" "This is why I measure in Kelvin."
  • Monday, 1639: @kestrelct HAHAHA
  • Monday, 1751: I'm at Fort Funston -
  • Monday, 2204: Usually <^>food_porn isn't quite this literal. NSFW.
  • Monday, 2225: @afuna_wired OH THE FUN indeed!!!! I also have rum. My cousin may be entertained by the results.
  • Monday, 2251: IRC: #dw is doing our part to foster intercultural understanding and love by swapping favorite fruit recommendations and anecdotes. <3 IRC.

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